What is an Escapulario?
Escapulário from Latin scapulae, ‘Shoulders’. It is a necklace well known in the Brazilian culture, now with cords, evoking the power of colours and combining different traditions and cultures. The pendant in the front is to guide your steps while the pendant in the back is protecting you from behind. They come with the infinite knot, our logo, representing infinite protection.

What are the materials used?
All Escapulários by Ballestrin are made of the best precious metals. We use 925 Sterling Silver, 10K Gold, and the gold-plated escapulários have 20 microns layer of 18K Gold. (double coat). 

One size fits all, approx.. 620mm.
Chain escapularios: chain GRUMET 040
Coloured cord escapularios: Satin Cord of 1mm thickness. Durable and strong.

Are escapularios for men only?
No, they are unisex and largely worn by women, men and also kids. Check our Instagram  and our press page to see who is wearing it.

How do I take care of my BALLESTRIN?

  • If not wearing your BALLESTRIN, ensure it’s stored in the pouch provided.
  • Remove it during contact sports or arduous tasks. Your Escapulário is a delicate piece.
  • Spas, saunas, beach and swimming pool water and even perfume and lotions can have an affect on the finish of you Escapulário. Be sure to rinse it with cold fresh water in these circumstances.
  • Any Sterling Silver products are susceptible to tarnish. Our escapularios can be cleaned with Silver cleaning products.

How can I use my Coupon code or Voucher?
If you have received a discount coupon or voucher, you can apply it during check out. Coupons and vouchers have an expire date, please ensure you use then before.