Yoga Meditation Necklace


  1. The powerful Yoga Meditation Escapulario necklace, designed in 925 sterling silver or Gold Plated,  helps you with your daily yoga or meditation practices or your life in general.

Yoga scapular comes with two pendants, in the front and in the back, representing “OM” and “Bhuddha”.

“OM” is the symbol of oneness. It is also the most powerful mantra, being the first sound of the universe, to connect with and energize the chakras.

“Bhudda”  is the symbol of enlightenment and it means “the awakened one”.

  • 925 sterling silver of Gold Plated
  • Pendants, 12x17mm
  • On a chain of 620mm
  • 4-5 grams
  • Unisex