living life at the fullest

The pendant in the front
is for guiding your steps
the pendant in the back
is for protecting you from behind.



"That day is hard to forget. We headed south to a tiny hidden beach to find florescent lights and sea smells. We stumbled upon a small group of fishermans that took us on a private boat trip, in the mesmerizing greek sunset.
We were all brought together by sheer luck. Our first travel back together after years, felt like we never parted."

Ariana wears Silver Star of David with blue cord



"Travelling solo. That little seed of wanderlust grew and grew until you decided to take the plunge. And then comes the excitement! You are going to be tremendously empowered, once you realize that you’re capable of having a swell time without relying on somebody else. When you venture by your lonesome into the unknown, your senses will be in overdrive."

Kadu wears
Gold Baroque with pink cord


Camila & Carlos

"Love hits you in different ways on the road. Love for your better half, love for your friends, love for your family. We had so much fun that day. I felt we were sharing a lifetime moment cheerfully enjoying a refreshing splash. We are still banging on about it with our friends!"

Camila wears Gold
St George with red cord


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